Swine Vet Consulting

SVC Swine Vet Consulting is an organization of veterinarians -swine diseases specialists ,animals reproduction specialists, providing professional consultancy services for farmers. Our presence in most national and international meetings related to pigs allows us access to the latest knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine and pig production. Through our contacts with Polish, European and American veterinarians and farmers, we offer our customers the possibility to introduce best practices for their farms. Cooperation with national and international veterinary laboratories allows professional and full laboratory diagnostic. Our experience gained in small and large (up to 4000 sows) objects in Poland and abroad.The main goal of SVC is to optimize the pig production on your farm.

  • SVC "Swine Vet Consulting" provides you with a professional and comprehensive veterinary and production care.
  • SVC "Swine Vet Consulting" is a sure and reliable partner in your "pig business
  • SVC "Swine Vet Consulting" covers 100% of the needs of the pig farmers and meet the expectations of a constantly changing and increasingly demanding pigs'market.

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