We offer among others:

  • farm production records analysis from the available data (Pigtales, AgroSoft and others)
  • implementation of the short and long-term "production targets" and plans to develop the farm.
  • assess the health status of the herd-clinical and laboratory tests
  • periodic monitoring of the herd
  • on farm autopsy
  • post-mortem examination in a slaughterhouse designated by the fermer
  • implementation of appropriate bioasecurity program
  • farm cleaning and disinfection facilities management programs
  • loose and pregnant sows managements programs
  • farrowing management programs
  • weaners management programs
  • finishers management programs
  • pregnancy USG-control
  • boar station management programs -we also have the power to official surveillance of the station-specialization in animal reproduction.
  • collection and semen assessment
  • gilts management programs-own gilts and outside replacement
  • preventive and therapeutic programs also in cooperation with your present vet
  • Еrainings for your staff:
  • USG
  • mating
  • oestrus detection
  • piglets management
  • semen collection and its assessment
  • and many
  • many others
  • as apart of our offer we provide our clients with veterinary pharmaceutical products (medicines and vaccines)

You are welcome to use our services

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